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Ginecólogo en el sur de Tenerife

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

At Palm Mar Medical Center we offer gynecological consultation service in which we perform tests such as cytologies, ultrasounds and breast examination. We carry out controls and treatments of gynecological diseases, attention to menopause and specific gynecological tests.

We also have specialists in obstetrics to monitor pregnancy, as well as preparation for delivery and postpartum indications.

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In our medical center you will find specialists in cardiology and everything you need for advanced studies and cardiological treatments.

We offer cardiology visits and electrocardiograms and echocardiograms. In addition, we have a fully equipped consultation that allows us to perform cardiovascular examinations and advanced studies of the heart.

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Cardiólogos en el sur de Tenerife

Fisioterapia en el centro médico Palm Mar


We have physiotherapists specialized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows treatments that are more complete and always adapted to the ailment or injury of each patient.

At Palm Mar Medical Center we take care of each case in a personalized way to adapt to the needs of our patient. We offer injury treatment, manual therapy and electrotherapy, therapeutic massages, lymphatic drains and other specific treatments.

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Aesthetic Medicine

We have specialists in facial, body and anti-aging aesthetic medicine.

In our specialty center we perform aesthetic treatments such as facial rejuvenation techniques to eliminate wrinkles, spots or sagging, increase and hydration of lips with hyaluronic acid, treatments for dark circles under the eyes, and much more.

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Aesthetic medicine

Rehabilitación en el sur de Tenerife


Our medical center in Arona has a fully equipped rehabilitation room.

At Palm Mar Medical Center we work with the best professionals in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the treatment and recovery of injuries. Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic and degenerative diseases, therapies for scoliosis and kyphosis, post-accidental recovery…

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In our medical center Palm Mar we have psychologists for evaluation and psychological therapy. We offer psychological intervention for treatment of emotional problems, treatment of mood disorders, clinical reports…

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Psicologia en el centro médico Palm Mar

Podologia tenerife


Specialists in diagnosis and treatments for foot care. At Palm Mar Medical Center we have professionals specializing in podiatry for studies and diagnostics of pathologies of the feet, knees, hip or spine.

In our medical center we work with different specialties within podiatry such as sports podiatry and pediatric podiatry.

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General Medicine

At Palm Mar Medical center we offer primary care and treatment of common pathologies.
We have medical professionals for general medical consultations dealing comprehensively with possible health problems of the patient.

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General medicine

Traumatólogos Palm Mar


Our traumatology unit offers diagnostics and treatments for bone and muscle injuries and pathologies.

In addition to treating injuries such as sprains, breaks, dislocations or fractures, we also work on the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative diseases and other pathologies. We have specialists in pain treatment, performing when necessary joint infiltrations in chronic pain.

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Enfermería en centro médico de Tenerife sur


At Palm Mar Medical Center we have a nursing service for the performance of cures, extractions and clinical analyses, injectables, blood pressure intakes and other medical support. We also have nurses with home care when you need it.

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Sample Collection

In our medical center we collaborate with the Eurofins Mega Lab laboratory for clinical analysis.

Blood, urine, faeces and saliva tests, tests and cultures, immunological tests, hematological and microbiological tests.

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Análisis clínico

Test Covid en el sur de Tenerife

COVID tests

We perform COVID-19 screening tests. PCR test, antigen tests and antibody tests in the south of Tenerife.

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Medical Emergencies

At Palm Mar Medical Center we are prepared to attend to any medical emergency.

In our medical center in Arona you will find qualified professionals for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies.

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Urgencias en el sur de Tenerife

Servicio de masajes en el sur de Tenerife


Our medical centre in the south of Tenerife offers a professional massage service. Relaxing massages, decontracting massages, foot reflexology, peeling, body hydration and much more.

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