Protect your skin from the sun: The importance of sunscreen use and skin cancer prevention


August is here and with it comes the need to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Maintaining healthy and radiant skin is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of health. In this post, we will tell you why it is essential to use sunscreen and how to prevent skin cancer. At Palm Mar Medical Center, we care about your wellbeing, and we want to give you the best advice so that you can enjoy the sun safely. Keep reading and discover how to take care of your skin properly!

The impact of the sun on our skin

The sun is a vital source of energy and vitamin D, but it also emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage our skin. Overexposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, premature skin ageing, blemishes and, most worryingly, increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

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Why is sunscreen essential?

The use of sunscreen is essential to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. A good sunscreen acts as a barrier that absorbs and reflects UV rays, preventing them from penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. It also prevents cell damage and the appearance of mutations that could lead to the development of skin tumours.

How to choose the right sunscreen

To ensure effective protection, it is essential to select the right sunscreen. Look for a product that offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, opt for a sunscreen that is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

How to apply sunscreen correctly

The way you apply sunscreen is also crucial to ensure its effectiveness. Make sure you apply a generous and even amount to all exposed skin at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Don’t forget areas such as ears, lips, neck and backs of hands. It is important to reapply every two hours, especially if you are swimming or sweating.

It is important to remember that protecting our skin from the sun is not only a necessary measure during beach holidays, but should be a daily routine all year round. Even on cloudy days or in winter, UV rays can damage our skin and increase the risk of long-term skin diseases. Incorporating the use of sunscreen into our daily routine, along with other preventive measures, helps us to maintain healthy skin and reduce the risk of skin cancer in the future.

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Preventing skin cancer

In addition to the proper use of sunscreen, it is essential to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of skin cancer:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun at the most intense hours. The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so try to limit exposure during these hours and seek shade whenever possible.
  • Wear protective clothing. Ideally, wear clothing that can cover your skin during sun exposure. We also recommend always wearing wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.
  • Avoid using tanning beds. Tanning beds emit harmful UV rays and increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Moisturise. Keep your skin moisturised to help protect it and prevent dryness and sun damage.
  • Avoid deep tanning. A deep tan is a sign of skin damage. Opt for a gradual, natural tan with caution.
  • Perform regular skin self-examinations. Know your skin and perform regular self-examinations to detect changes in moles or suspicious spots. If you notice anything unusual, consult a dermatologist immediately.

Proteger la piel del sol en verano

Protecting our skin from the sun is essential to prevent long-term damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer. At Palm Mar Medical Center, we are committed to your wellbeing and encourage you to adopt healthy habits to take care of your skin. Remember to always wear appropriate sunscreen, avoid excessive sun exposure and perform regular skin self-exams. Your skin will thank you and you will be able to enjoy the sun in a safe and conscious way. Take care of yourself and enjoy a radiant summer!

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